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Gun drilling - is the process that utilizes a long thin carbide tipped cutting tool to produce holes at a high depth to diameter ratio. Our gun drill has the effective hole range from 3/16 to 1.5 (larger holes will require specialized tooling to produce, up to 2 if desired).

Gun drill tooling differs from conventional twist drills by using a unique head geometry with a single carbide cutting edge designed to remove the chips as it advances into the workpiece.

Our gun drill machine uses high pressure cutting oil to exhaust cutting chips down the drill shaft and out of work piece. This machine is equipped with a CAT50 auxiliary spindle with a 2,000 RPM MAX spindle speed, perfect for twist and spade drilling, counterbores, and light milling operations including squaring of blocks.

Think of the machine as a Specialized Gun drill and secondary milling machine, milling not being the star of the show but capable. Machine has a 360-degree rotational table and drilling/milling head with incline/decline of 15 degrees which is perfect for drilling/machining of complex water and hydraulic circuits.

Machine Specifications


• 130" x 62" x 46 Table travel
• 360 deg rotary table
• Drill incline/decline of 15deg
• CAT50 auxiliary spindle (2,000 rpm MAX)
• 60,000-pound maximum table weight
• Drill sizes from 3/16 through 1 diameter with onsite tooling (2 when properly equipped)

- Dual Spindles; one for Dedicated GunDrilling and second spindle for milling functions -