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Max³ is your trusted Partner providing high quality Injection Mold Samples, Prototype and Pre-production Run services. With years of experience, we understand that Mold Sampling is a critical piece of the mold validation process.

We conduct a gate freeze study weighing parts to ensure proper fill. Once we have the determined fill speed and pack pressure, we Prove-Out mold shutoffs, size and position of runners/gates, Weld Knit Line locations with proper venting at final fill positions, mold cooling/heating and proper ejection of part.

Our desire is to provide you with a developed process, meeting or exceeding your production requirements.

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In-house Sampling & Prototype Runs

Press List Includes:
  • 150 ton Van Dorn
  • 250 ton Van Dorn
  • 1000 ton Krauss Maffei

  • Experience with:
  • Manifolds
  • Value Gates
  • Multiple hydraulic core pulls
  • Prototype Molds
  • Complex hand-loaded inserts