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Max³ is well versed at prototype mold production and part molding. We can also assemble prototype parts. Max³ can find a successful solution to suit your prototyping needs.

Does you part need development? We can take your digital files for analysis, and make solid recommendations for improved function, structural integrity, and ease of manufacturing.

Are there Post Operations? Let us help you through Welding, Assembly, and Testing.

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  • Other services we can offer include; Assembly and Test Fixtures, Reverse Engineering, 3D Printing, In-House Sampling 150 ton – 1,100 ton, CNC machining to specifications.

  • We also have experience with both Horizontal and Vertical, Twin and Two-Shot, Structural Foam, Insert, In-Mold Labeling, Sonic Welding and Heat Staking.

  • Parts we’ve touched? Intake Manifolds, Air Cleaners, Resonators, Ducts, Oil Pans, Reservoirs, Tanks, Drip Shields, Diverters, Running Boards, Quarter Windows, Sunroofs, Sidelights.

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    Air Box Prototype Mold

    Multiple Duct Assemblies

    Air Box Assembly