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Our PARPAS DIAMOND LINEAR 30 is a gantry style machining center with 5-axis capabilities for high-speed machining and hole making. It features a monobloc structure with a gantry moving saddle and stationary workpiece table that can handle up to 55,000 lbs. of total work piece weight.

Our machine is "Linear", with linear motor(s) for 3 machine axes and torque motor(s) for rotary axes. The Spindle RPM is up to 20,000 using a HSK 63A spindle taper.

It is capable of both 3+2 and simultaneous 5-axes machining. The Parpas is equipped with through spindle coolant and through air blast for adequate chip evacuation.

Machine Specifications


• 118 X 102 X 47 Travel
• XYZ Linear Motors
• A/C Torque Motors
• C Rotation +/-370 deg
• A Rotation +/-105 deg
• 84 position ATC
• 20K Spindle
• 55,000 lb Table Capacity