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Winner of 2018 MMT Leadtime Leader -- Maximum Mold Group!

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You can learn more about the MMT Leadtime Leader award and the winner, Maximum Mold Group here

From Alliance Laser Sales:

One Mold Builder Becomes Three Through Strategic Acquisitions

Please click here to read an article from Mold Making Technology magazine which features insights from owner David Lagrow.

Mach Mold Celebrates 35 Years!


We enjoyed celebrating with employees that have been with us for 10 years or more. Steve Beatty 30 years! Ivan Simkins 29 years, Todd Sipla 28 years, Tom Collis 27 years, Joe Young 27 years, Mike Kavanaugh 26 years, Cary Strunk 24 years, Gavin Dewey 21 years, Steve Peters 20 years, Scott Podjan 19 years, Dan Pudell 13 years and Brock Kublick 10 years! We are very fortunate to have such a great group of guys willing to hang out with us for so many years!
Here's the whole gang... Thanks for being part of our great team!!

Mach Mold Under New Ownership!

Mach Mold has been acquired by David Lagrow of Maximum Mold and Max².
Click here to read the announcement letter to our employees.
Visit here to link to the article by Moody on the Market
Please visit the following links to become familiar with the new owner of Max³